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Beleño it’s the first music group on I Want To Be A Bagpiper. Long time ago I wanted to start a Asturian Bagpipe Podcast, I’ve many asturian discs music and I wanted to share this music with all of you. 

I’ve started this new Podcast in the Ivoox platform:


First Program - Beleño

If you look from the end of 80s to nowadays you can see all the music works which were born in Asturias. Almost all of this work has used the Asturian Bagpipe.

On this podcast the most important is in the music themes and today I want to start with a 80s music group. It was born in a school in Oviedo. Fernando Largo, Frankie Delgado, Elena Noval, Xuan Prado, Javier Rojo y Nacho García, and more people. This music group it’s called Beleño and we start this program with the theme Catuxa.

On the second theme we can listen with the bagpipe the Garrotin and la Rumba de Ibias. Both themes are very used in our asturian music.

Beleño published two music discs, the first in 1985 had eight themes. We have listened to two themes which belong to this disc. We are going to continue with the theme “Na ca’l fuau” which it’s the same music disc name also and in this theme we can listen to Elena Noval’s voice.

Various musician was playing with Beleño, we can add Pedro Pangua o Rody Herrera, but one of the most characteristic sounds of Beleño is the Fernando Largo Harp’s and the next theme called “D’una misguina’l to xeitu” you can see it.

Summary Music Themes:

  1. Head Music: BG Llariegu – Breizh Andro
  2. Catuxa
  3. Beilla la curuxa-Garrotin-Rumba d’Ibias
  4. Na cal fuau
  5. Marcha nupcial
  6. D’una misguina’l to xeitu
  7. A la gueta
  8. Pal ximielgue la xana

"Wedding March" Sheet Music

I bring to you the “Wedding March” which we was listening in the fifth theme “Marcha Nupcial”. It’s a typical march in the weddings.

You can download this sheet music to Bagpipe on this link:

Where You Can Listen it

You can listen this podcast on iVoox Platform:

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