Dayures Asturian Bagpipe Method


Dayures Asturian Bagpipe Method is a book which published by the Asturian Govern in 1991. This book belong to 16 Asturian Bagpipe Books which you need to know list. On this post we can discover the information about this book.


Dayures Bagpipe Method - When we work together

At the end of 80s, the Asturian Bagpipe Organization “Conceyu de Gaiteros” had created. This group was looking for to join different kind of thoughts around the music learning system which we used to teach in the Traditional Music Schools. Also, they created a little first standard for the Asturian Bagpipe Bands. 

This group had started to see the Asturian Bagpipe World like professional teachers and musicians.


Manuel Medina – Asturian Bagpipe Lesson

The work group who wrote the music materials published on this book belong, almost of them, to this organization. It’s important the teaching objective thought in this book, work with music levels to organized the student learning.

Objective: Recovery and Dignity

In 1981 the Asturian Autonomy Statute was published. This text had written this objective, the government must care the Asturian traditional culture and, above all, this culture must be in the education contents. On the foreword of this book we can read, the government objective must include the “recovery and dignity” for the Asturian Bagpipe.


Biographies Part – Margolles Bagpiper and Jose Junco drummer

With this objective, this book isn’t only a music themes book. Inside Dayures Asturian Bagpipe Method we also can read:

  • Asturian History Bagpipers
  • Bagpipes in Europe
  • Different Historical Asturian Bagpipe Schools
  • More music themes (without level system)

We must remember how traditional oral folklore had transmitted in the village. This book was the first step to create the Formal Education to the Asturian Bagpipe.

A Goal: Formal Education

In my opinion, the best thing which bring this book to the Asturian Bagpipe was have a goal with the Formal Education for our instrument. It’s a natural way in the musical instruments, when they have years and years playing by the people, the instruments need have a formal learning system.


Experimental Plan to create Bagpipe Certificates

This goal has been too hard to get, and we needed many years to catch this Formal Education. This book wrote an experimental formal student plan with 4 course in 1991.

In 2007 the Asturian government started with the Bagpipe Professional Grade on the Asturian Music Conservatories. And in 2019 started the Bagpipe High Grade on the Oviedo’s Music Conservatory.

Almost 20 years to catch our goal about the Formal Education. Work and be constant it’s very important to get our dreams.

See you on next post!

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