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On this post I’m going to talk about what we need to know before buy an Asturian Bagpipe and where we can buy one nowadays. Now we are lucky because we have various bagpipe makers inside and outside of Asturias, therefore we can choose our best option for us.


Before Buy an Asturian Bagpipe

Before buy an Asturian Bagpipe we need to ask ourselves some questions to make the right purchase. Above all to not have surprises when we start to play our instrument.

The questions which we should make ourselves are:

Why I want an Asturian Bagpipe?

There are no same reasons to buy an Asturian Bagpipe with someone who start to play the instrument or anyone who have been playing the bagpipe during years. Someone who start to play could try with a second hand bagpipe which have good use and don’t pay a big quantity because it’s possible that he or she could stop to play because don’t like this instrument.

Also you need to know how many hours you will be playing the instrument during a week, because a long continue uses keep more humidity on our bagpipe and, in this point, we need to know how humidity works on the bagpipe.

Asturian Bagpipe Morphology

Follow me to know how is an Asturian Bagpipe and discover his morphology, also explained on our previous post A Little History About Asturian Bagpipe. We need to explain this concepts because we need to know which materials makers use in our bagpipes.


Asturian Bagpipe Morphology

The main elements on the Asturian Bagpipe are:

  • Soplete it’s the Blowpipe
  • Roncon it’s the Drone and have three parts:
    • Prima
    • Tercia
    • Copa
  • Fuelle it’s the Bag
  • Punteru it’s the Chanter

The Bag (Fuelle)

The bag have an interior part which is in contact with the wind blowing by the mouth. Traditionally this bag was made with goat skin, but it was complicated keep it fine, so nowadays we use goretex to our bags.

The exterior bag part it’s named dress. Usually it’s velvet made and each bagpiper choose his colors.

The Blowpipe (Soplete)

The blowpipe is the bagpipe part which is in contact with the mouth. It have a mouthpiece which is made in different kind of materials to protect wood from teeth. The blowpipe body is wood made. 

Usually each maker have his own blowpipe inner protect system because the mouth saliva is a liquid which can damage the blowpipe wood during the time we use our instrument. 

The Dron (Roncón)

The dron is composed of three parts: Prima, Tercia and Copa. It function is make a drone sound to play with the chanter. It should be tune two octaves below the tune chanter. Drone reed is a simple reed and it’s named payon.

The Chanter (Puntero)

A chanter is a melodic wood pipe which we can realised the differents finger posture to produce all the music notes. Chanter have eight holes to the fingers and three below holes to help tuning. 

Nowadays there are makers who sell bagpipes with chromatic chanters to simplify notes traditionally hardest to learn.

Stocks (Asientos)

The elements to join drone, chanter and blowpipe with the bag is named stocks. They are small wood made and makers knot it to the bag to don’t let wind escapes. 

Buy Asturian Bagpipe - Woods

Asturian Bagpipe traditionally was made in wood. And the Boxwood is the most common wood for our bagpipes. There are other kinds of wood like Ebony or Granadillo.

Boxwood was the most used in Asturias, but when people started to travel out with their bagpipes we need to use other kind of wood which better humidity endurance. It’s very important ask to the maker which kind of wood we need to use to our own needs.

They are the common uses but I could told you a different exameple. In Camin de Fierro Pipeband we use granadillo to stocks, blowpipe and drone but we have PVC made chanters made by Miguel Alonso bagpipe maker.

Buy an Asturian Bagpipe - Makers

We can buy an Asturian Bagpipe on a Music Store but it’s a better option go to a bagpipe maker workshop. You can talk with they and ask all your doubts to find your better bagpipe solution.

On this page there is an Asturian Bagpipe Makers List (last review 2020 March). This list help you to contact with makers.


Alberto Fernández

Gijón, Asturias

Tlfno: 639 821 203


Carlos Moreno

C/ Subida al cerro, 6, bajo Dcha
Gijón. Asturias

Tlfno: 626 612 220


Chus Solís

C/Molín del Sutu, Nº 12
33930 La Felguera. Llangréu. Asturias

Tlfno: 985 677 113


David López

Cabuérniga. Cantabria.


Fernando Cárcaba

Lieres. Asturias




Garo. Asturias



Miguel Alonso

Avd. de la Playa Nº19
33320. Colunga. Asturias

Tlfno: 651 858 518


Mori San José

Villanueva Nº4
Villaperez. Oviedo. Asturias



Vicente Prado

Carretera SI 2 Lugones-Viella, 194
33429 Siero. Asturias

Tlfno: 689 158 260

I hope this information be helpful to you and know our Asturian Bagpipe Makers.

See you soon!

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