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In 2003 year it was published “La Jota en Asturias” a Music Themes Collection about the dance Jota  from the Andecha Folclor d’Uviéu. It’s a monographic book about the Jota’s dance, the most popular dances inside Spain named like “a lo suelto”.

It’s  first book with Jota covers which we can find inside Asturias and give to us a vision more completa about this traditional dance.


L'Andecha Folclor d'Uviéu

When we talk about the Folk Origins in Asturias, we have the 1980s like a date to remember. After the Franco Dictator Age, the folklore and the community identity from diferente regions in Spain was started to recover their sites.

In 1989 it was created L’Andecha Folclor d’Uvieu, after join the Urogallos (1974) and Riscar (1980). The big adding folklore works from this groups are, above all, the sound and video library which have this new asociation.

One of the objectives which search the Andecha Folclor d’Uvieu is keep life the asturian tradition like their own way to appear in the spanish culture. For this job, this asociation have different work groups to research in different areas


L’Andecha Folclor d’Uviéu Logo

Jota like Dance

The Jota it was made for dancing couples who start to dance in different sites, two rows, womens are in front of mens. This dance it was made with steps and movements.

We can order the different unity dance kinds like the next way:


With this order we can talk about the different kinds of movements to the Jota’s dance, like this one:

Mudanza: movement which will change and could be unique in the dance.

Paso Corrido: mudanza with a pendular movement.

Entremudanza:steps and movements which appears in all dance modules. It is repeated or appear like a new mixing with other movements.

Remate: final steps and movements.

Eleuterio Baizán (Proaza) playing a Jota on the movie Adiós Cordera (1969)

Dances Zones

It’s very important understand how Asturias is divide in zones in a musical idea. In 1980s the Central Zone it was the main zone, but we can more themes and dances in another sites of Asturias.


Zonificación del Baile en Asturias

We’re go to analyze the 5 asturian zones which appears on this book:

  • On Zone 1: from Castropol to Cudillero; with south limit in Grandas de Salime, Allande y Tineo.
  • Zone 2: Cangas del Narcea
  • On Zona 3: Ibias y Degaña
  • Zone 4: central zone
  • On Zone 5: Llanes, Ribadedeva, both Peñamelleras, Cabrales y Onís.

It’s very important understand this zones. This kind of order help to us to classificate our Asturian Music Repertory.

Why you should buy this book

Jota’s is one of the most popular dances in Asturias, Spain and in the Asturian Bagpipe Music Repertory.


Cover from the book “La Jota en Asturias”

Understand how Jota appears and grow up during the years in the different zones in Asturias, it help to us to know how it’s our music themes and how we need to play our Asturian Bagpipe.

This book, and also, the Muneira’s Book it should be part of our music library. This books are very important to know how the Asturian Bagpipe Themes was developed during the years.

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