Hi, I'm Tever and this is my work

Hi, my name is Tever and I’m glad with you are reading this web page, because you want to know my daily work.

I have been working my professional career on the New Technologies from 2000s, at the same time, I was learning and working inside Asturian Bagpipe’s world. Also, I’m investigating, a little, in the Asturian Traditional Music. 

Asturian Bagpipe and Traditional Music

It was 1998 when I was trying to learn music because my music skills was increasing on the School. Therefore I did start on Oviedo’s Music School. We could choose our own instrument and I chose the Asturian Bagpipe. High sound and a different way to play an instrument. 

It has been a long time since I started to play the Asturian Bagpipe and many experiences come to my mind. Likewise, it was a long way which I want be walking many years.

Nowadays I’m working like Asturian Bagpipe Teacher on Proaza’s Music School and Teverga’s Music School, both schools belongs to Asturias. On this schools we are development and Traditional Music Project about popular musicians on this areas.

Computer Engineer and Web Development

I belong to the 80s generation. We born on the Pre-Internet Era, in this days, we didn’t have the same whole information like today. We used to hear vinyls and cassettes, but at same time, we saw the first steps with the new technologies on home.

My first computer was an Intel 386, I used to load my games with floppy disks and I started Windows with a command on the terminal. In this years, I used to open computers, move wires and play with this technology. It was the 2001 when I decided to study Computer Engineering.

Today I’m Computer Engineer, specialized on Web Development. Each new project it’s a personal goal for me.

Arduino and Maker's World

I was staring work with Arduino while I was working with my daily job with computers. For me was an incredible discovery and make me be able to get all kind of goals using the electronic components.

Welcome to Maker’s World, it’s called DIY generation (Do It Yourself):

  • You can program your own electric circuits
  • Print pieces on a 3D Printer
  • Design nature-based solutions, … etc

It’s a marvelous world, you will can do all you can imagine it. Work with Arduino it’s a beautiful and complete experience. Therefore I’m teaching how you can use this kind of tools.

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